Taylor Gang
It’s hot af in Miami. Early. Don’t forget that
Roll somethin and get the day started. Make the best use of whatever time you have
Soon as you cracc your phone it looks old af
You gotta be at peace wit yourself before you can do anything for anyone else
Young creative director
Bein an artist is dope. Bein yourself is the goal. Bein both is super hero status
Wizzle got wingz. Wizzle got Everything
Tell em all I’m that guy. Cause snoop dogg won the player of the year award and so did i
Roll somethIn and get the day started. Rested. Recovered. Time to start this week offf right.
Teef still vibratin from the shrooms
My bitch really tryna get me to take shots right now
Punk ass nigga broke my cup
Chicc had a bob. Niccnamed her Bobby schmuerder
New DayToday out now baby. Watch the behind the scenes of the “Oh Wow” video and my performance wit Lil Wayne. Get baked and Watch the video too

Shrooms at the gym? Damn bro
Sledgren produced that one by the way 🎸
New pfl anthem cause the championship comin up. Hella more new music on the way
New pfl anthem cause the championship comin up. Hella more new music on the way
Im still tryna find pics but who knows how they will go
I was on champagne, McQueen, trees, and shrooms. What a night
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My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work
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