Lauren Boebert for Congress Account: Congresswoman for CO-03. Owner of Shooters Grill. I’m the mom who told Beto HELL NO you’re not taking our guns!
You could tax every American at 100% and Democrats would still want them higher.

They have an insatiable thirst for government spending and there is NO amount that will ever be enough for them.
So all it took for COVID restrictions to officially be thrown out was for Joe Biden to get the virus.
Biden saying there was 0% inflation in July is like when stores have liquidation sales, mark everything up 100% and then slap a 25% discount sticker on it.
I'm sure the upcoming wave of IRS audits will only be transitory.
Democrats don’t just hate our ideas.

They hate us.

They don’t just want to eliminate conservative ideology.

They want to eliminate conservatives.

The rubicon was crossed awhile ago, they’re just no longer hiding it.
AG Garland personally approved the raid on President Trump.

This is nothing short of a coup.
Every single government agency has become too big and out of control.

The founders NEVER intended our federal government to be this massive.
Hey Eric, see you when have the House back.

There will be searches.

Even the Young Turks, the most braindead liberals with the ability to livestream, know that Biden’s victory lap on gas prices is absolute bullcrap.
Every person who uses the term MAP needs to be ostracized from civil society.
The White House is a bit confused.

The inflation rate isn't at 0%, that's Biden's approval rating.
The GOP majority needs to investigate the DOJ, but that’s just the start.

We need to fire the political actors within the DOJ, and we need to impeach AG Garland.

Anything less will not restore the confidence of the American people in this agency.
Trolls said I was crazy last week when I said Biden was going for a militarized IRS.

Read it for yourself.
I’m joining @IngrahamAngle tonight at 10pm ET/8pm MT.

You don’t want to miss this.
If the Democrats wanted to deal a death blow to Trump, using the FBI as a tool for political gain was not the way to do it.

Seeing the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago has had the opposite effect.

The Republican Party hasn't been this unified in a long time!
If they want to go scorched earth, then scorched earth it is.
It's funny how Fancy Nancy can say no one is above the law when Congress passes laws that place them above the law to do things like openly commit insider trading.
I will not fund a tyrannical government! Biden’s bureaucrats better be ready for us to clean house!
I will not fund a tyrannical government! Biden’s bureaucrats better be ready for us to clean house!
"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."

~ Thomas Jefferson
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