Congratulations to President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris. I’m honored and proud to witness this moment in history. #InaugurationDay
It's Hashtags time! Tell us a weird or funny story about a bad car you had, then tag it with #MyWorstCar. Could be on the show!
It’s @DollyParton’s birthday and I am totally wigging out!!!
News & Jokes for Tuesday 1/19/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
I never knew you could sing. I still don’t. 😂 always a blast. Thank you for coming back.
News & Jokes for Saturday 1/16/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
See you tonight for a Sea Shanty 🎶 #driverslicense @FallonTonight
News & Jokes for Friday 1/15/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
Hahaha I’m just gonna leave this here. #TBT
Hahaha I’m just gonna leave this here. #TBT
News & Jokes for Thursday 1/14/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
News & Jokes for Wednesday 1/13/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
ICYMI 👏🏻 @jsullivanmusic
It's Hashtags time! Take a TV show and give it a funny or weird summary, and tag it with #DescribeATVShowBadly. Could be on the show!
News & Jokes for Tuesday 1/12/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
Ever know a friend for 2 decades and they decide to run the world? @billburr
Just - if you need a laugh, watch tonight. I guarantee you at least one. Okay - no guarantees. But watch and laugh. Okay - I’m back at guaranteeing at least once. I’m telling you. Fun show tonight.
News & Jokes for Saturday 1/9/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
News & Jokes for Friday 1/8/21. #FallonTonight #FallonMono
I think... I’m ready? Honored to be on the @TheGNShow!! It’s my first time. @grahnort #TheGNshow
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