4 hit shows; 5 NYTs bestsellers & also ridiculously good looking. Watch Gutfeld! check out https://t.co/iL2CxIQ2qo https://t.co/DYi9Cq06VZ…
this is a must see. only because i look pretty good with my new haircut
This is a good picture of me.
why isn't this contest on the "top of mind" of everyone right now? this poll is more intriguing than anything coming from frank luntz
Another absurdly fun show !!
It used to take one horrific act like this to reverse the downward spiral of criminal appeasement. Now, its just another story ignored by a useless media more obsessed with words, pronouns and political activism.
come for the laughs, stay for the thing we do when you don't laugh
you have to admit, this is the funniest tweet in perhaps ages.
once again another great show!
No one helps. Again
every single one - a winner
this is the exact same panel we had on our first episode. on that episode @rubinreport predicted our show would be number one. he was right.
its another great show!! watch it or be cursed forever!
my god this one is a winner
another great show in a week of killer episodes.
Here we go
best of luck in your journalistic endeavors. @KatTimpf
this is good. trust me on this one.
killer show!
on Twitter this is not hate speech (because, its coming from a direction they find acceptable)
It’s leaves a mark because it was only temporary. Why not let them stay
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