de-motivational speaker
lmao go the fuck away
first karate 😂
Spaghetti squash bolognese no noodle lasagna boat thing? All gone! Recipe in my newest Instagram caption xx
Spaghetti squash bolognese no noodle lasagna boat thing? All gone! Recipe in my newest Instagram caption xx
currently making a super easy, healthy turkey bolognese. I wanna go live to show you but it's just so awkward ??? anyhow go to instagram
We love your book in this house :)
living the dream
living the dream
I want 500 followers again. I should sell this account and donate it to charity, is that legal
Yeah agree! But I do see the hurt in causing even one person out there pain or making them feel less than just over a stupid tweet that I didn’t need to repost either way!
You’re right! I toss it in after or skip baking altogether because I ruin everything in the category
Well fuck me, I always think people are better than they are. That is my go to but it’s been wrong so many times you’d think id learn by now
I think since I am constantly in trouble here I look a lot at people’s intentions of their tweets and I don’t think that was her personal intention and it absolutely should never take off in that way so it’s prob better to just not say (talking to myself here)
Just too strong and not good for your blood I dunno I’m not a doc but it’s def too strong!
wait but I agree lol *ducks*
All of this, and I’ll never get over being in trump’s ass after the wife comments. Never.
please stop sending me the spaghetti-o's in a frozen pie crust video. it was only made to rile you up and you are riled!
Ooo girl you’re in for a TREAT!
lmao @AdeenaSussman what if I WAS done
lmao @AdeenaSussman what if I WAS done
B L I N G E M P I R E !!!!!
I feel so bad actually using the automated email replies. I always follow-up and out myself as having used it and apologize. I did the same when I had a fake ID
honestly, you are right.
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