What kind of asshat stabs a writer, anyway? Fucker!
I hope Salman Rushdie is okay.
Was there ever, in all of American history, a man less fit for the presidency than Donald Trump?
I have seen a close-to-finished cut of MR. HARRIGAN'S PHONE, written and directed by John Lee Hancock, and it's nothing short of brilliant. Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell. Netflix. This fall.
Didn't Trump say only mobsters take the 5th?
It’s not his home, anyway. It’s legally listed as a hotel.
The Republican outrage over the search of Trump’s house (leglly obtained search warrent) is pure political posturing. They are using it to raise money.
Mitch McConnell hasn’t visited the flood zones in his home state. I guess he can’t find his Campaign Jeans.
Lock him up.
Lock him up.
Lock him up.
Read it!
The overall feeling is that Covid is dangerous, but also very fucking tiresome.
Interesting responses to this. One suggests we watch TV to escape reality. One speaks about actors needing to show their faces to express emotions the script calls for. One replies that masks will look antique later on.
Can’t wait for this!
In 99% of the shows I watch—streaming and network—Covid doesn’t exist, let alone masking.
Red Sox fans are paying top dollar for a team that's playing mediocre baseball. We wuz robbed.
I think it might have been applied with a garden trowel.
Susan Collins voted against the Inflation Reduction Act.
Thank you!!!!!
Cool cover from Germany!
FAIRY TALE is going to be in bookstores just about one month from today. At this point I always get the butterflies...yes, still...and there are butterflies in the book, now that I think about it.
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