Screw Ohm that manipulative piece of shit. He’s not the saint he claims. All his lies and twists because 2 groups decided they didn’t want to play games with him. allegedly did this same thing to Markiplier. Ask him why he cheated on his RL GF he likes to keep secret, Jamie Pang.
Ohm is currently showing all creators and streamers why you should not play with ohmwrecker. He will save everything. No matter what stay away from him!
I honestly love my family, They make me happy. Give me purpose. I’ve always been alone and they brought me out and are showing me the world.
Ohmwrecker continues causing me, my family, and my business harm. This is what I’ve been dealing with for years. This is Ohm. He’s Conniving, petty, and completely obsessed with us. I just want him to leave me and my family alone.
My daughter is over 8 months! Time flies by very fast. But I’m holding onto ever second. ***
I’m currently trying to be happy and raise my child and be good at having a family, but constantly had Ohm in my messages everyday with some crazy questions and paranoia or blaming me when it wasn’t my game sessions. because people didn’t like him. And this what he does....
I do want to address one thing that has been said that has been completely misrepresented. It’s something I (cont)
I bought babylirious a snorlax outfit, can’t wait to show it, best baby snorlax ever!
I can’t believe @LizKatzOfficial and I have an 8 month old that just learned to stand on her own and is starting to talk some and in 6 months we will have 2nd. Family is very important. I am so focused on their future. I came from nothing but will give them everything.
Have a fun read on my experience with Ohm. There is a lot more.
This is all that matters to me in my whole life. She is so funny! @LizKatzOfficial @H2OBabylirious
Ohm edits his own videos and saves things he can use against “friends” later on. As you can tell from his last tweets. Stay away from him is my opinion.
Ohm demanded to upload before everyone. At 8AM and we all had a problem with it. 8 hours before all of us. He always wanted first views and complained when we wouldn’t let him.
Might have shown this one but is this not what blackmail means? Just wondering.
Might have shown this one but is this not what blackmail means? Just wondering.
Our daughter says goodnight! @LizKatzOfficial @H2OBabylirious
Our daughter says goodnight! @LizKatzOfficial @H2OBabylirious
Who has a bday around Xmas time? That is the time frame our 2nd baby will be born. I have always felt people wouldn’t like their bday near Xmas. But then again some people can have huge bday/Xmas day!
LOL @LizKatzOfficial just found out the baby’s gender and wouldn’t tell me, She was teasing me that I didn’t know. Next thing her mom texts me a congratulations text and mentioned the gender. I about died LMAO. Bwhahaha 🤣
Ohm holds the fact he helped toonz get a caffeine deal over his head forever and when things don’t go ohms way he mentions it to toonz.
You haven't even seen the cartoonz group side of craziness. I'm sure everyone has a Book of his ranting in their DMs that he's played with. No matter what He is not someone to connect with in my own opinion.
I just witnessed our daughter pull herself up to a standing position while holding onto the couch 😳 growing too fast baby! @LizKatzOfficial @H2OBabylirious
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