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What flag do you fly when you’re gaming?
Do you remember the first mobile game you played? 🤔
Name a gaming character you’d want to rescue you. 🤔👇
The last app you downloaded from Google Play is how you’ll spend your summer. What is it? 📲😜
.@Android gang roll-call! Drop a “💚” if you’re an Android user.👇
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Drop your game and username in the comments and let’s get this community playing!
What would you tell your gamer self from 5 years ago? 😲
“The heart wants what it wants”


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Group poll: Who’s the greatest gaming sidekick ever? 🤔
Name the video game character you’d love to spend your Memorial Weekend with IRL? 🤔
We heard @Android users have the coolest lock screens. Drop your coolest backgrounds 👇📱
Fun Fact: @Android’s beloved little green mascot is called Bugdroid! 🤗 Now don’t get any ideas naming your kids after him 👀
The time has come! 🎮💪💥

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is now available for download on Google Play #MHATSH #MHAStrongestHero

Fact: Playing mobile games burns 61.8 calories per hour! Make sure to add some thumb warm-ups to your workout routine! 👍 💪
Don’t you love how your brain forgets what you had for breakfast but can still remember the names of all 151 OG @Pokemon? 🧠 🤷
RT if you've ever skipped a tutorial and had to go back because you got stuck on a level 😅 🎮
Do we have any members of the “Green Text Bubble” gang in here? 💬 💚 Drop a comment below, Android fans! 👇
“At first I didn’t like it, but...” is the preamble to all of our favorite games. 😅 Which game won you over after a little while?
What's a game you started, but for some reason haven't finished? 🤔💭
What’s your “desert island” mobile game? 🌴
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