Dogs always have your back…ground vocals. #NationalDogWeek

"I'm going to bed, Aemma."
If you never show gratitude, then you'll never become the recipient of grace.
What makes you happy?
The GOP Senate candidates are imploding. Dead lab puppies? Secret abortion payments?

What a disgrace. How can anyone even stomach these clowns?
One month until #MyPoliceman. 11.4.22.
Dwight: Identity theft is not a joke 🤨
Also Dwight:
Dwight: Identity theft is not a joke 🤨
Also Dwight:
Florence Pugh stars as a nurse called to examine a young girl who is said to have miraculously survived without food for over 4 months.

The Wonder, directed by Sebastián Lelio, premieres November 16 on Netflix and in select theaters this November.
If in school they would implement a dream building course where you only discuss their dreams, it would save a lot of trouble.
Many times, before a promise comes to pass, you have to go through a season of silence where you don’t see anything changing. This is when many people give up on what they’re believing for. But just because you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean God is not working.
The heir to Driftmark.
The heir to Driftmark.
That gives Puss in Boots a whole new meaning. You know what I’m referring to.
It may be a good thing, but good things can wear you out. Good people can deplete you. It’s all about balance. Does it work with the season you’re in right now? Does it fit with what you already have to do?
A classic the whole family will enjoy
A classic the whole family will enjoy
It’s not a true relief effort til they get white boots on the ground.
How is the Biden crime family structured? Our Exclusive interview with Tony Bobulinski. 8 PM ET. Only on @FoxNews.
When it's not your problem for once. #HOTD
When it's not your problem for once. #HOTD
Thank you to the magical Hocus Pocus community for making #HocusPocus2 the #1 film premiere on #DisneyPlus to date!
Thank you to the magical Hocus Pocus community for making #HocusPocus2 the #1 film premiere on #DisneyPlus to date!
The chokehold this dress had on me in 2003...
The chokehold this dress had on me in 2003...
I get to see my besties on Thursday 🤩 #GreysAnatomy
I get to see my besties on Thursday 🤩 #GreysAnatomy
. @Dahlialithwick looks at the Supreme Court taking up both voting rights and "independent state legislatures" this term:

"What you are really looking at is an attempt to do, in black robes, what Donald Trump and John Eastman tried to do in the 2020 election."
What are you waiting for? God has a great life for you but you have to get yourself in a position to receive it.
there is so much going on here but I cannot process it all over my acid reflux. I think I might explode with the mix of information, brain stimulation and sheer acid
Zachary Quinto as "Sam." FX’s AHS:NYC premieres 10.19 on FX. Stream on Hulu.
Zachary Quinto as "Sam." FX’s AHS:NYC premieres 10.19 on FX. Stream on Hulu.
The Right Stuff is a great new dating app for conservatives hoping to match with that special...FBI agent monitoring the site.
When your new podcast about a sedition trial in the 1940s is announced on the same day as the start of the January 6th sedition trial...

Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra - Starting with two episodes on 10/10. Find it and follow wherever you get podcasts.
Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 premieres on October 18.

And before everyone starts tweeting it again... the nine cases showcased in the new season are not resolved by episode's end — these mysteries are UNSOLVED.
my brain 30 seconds after finishing every meal
#ParamountPlus to the rescue! 😌

Reply to this tweet explaining why you love Bad Bunny, or how he's impacted your life, and your tweet might be featured on MTV's Instagram!!!
Congratulations to our very own @VicJosephWWE and @mckenzienmitch!

Congratulations to our very own @VicJosephWWE and @mckenzienmitch!
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