This new tool helps you calculate your event’s risk of #covid19 #Thanksgiving #USA
This new tool helps you calculate your event’s risk of #covid19 #Thanksgiving #USA
The crew on station conducted a variety of scientific investigations and celebrated the #Thanksgiving holiday with a traditional and international feast in microgravity. #SpaceToGround
After that #Thanksgiving dinner, sit back and enjoy a fresh serving of #MizAndMrs ➡️ starting NOW on @USA_Network!

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It’s 8 o’clock. It’s bedtime. Today wasn’t your normal Thanksgiving. But even in a hard year, we all have much to be thankful for.

We love you and we are thankful for you, and tonight we dream about when we can all be together again.

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The Hill
Rep. Dan Crenshaw: "Have we been sacrificing anything close to the first Pilgrims or America's founders, anything close to the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy?" #Thanksgiving
Everyone says their Zoom goodbyes, Dad takes a screen shot for posterity and you stumble back to the sofa.

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The Hill
Rev. Raphael Warnock, who is running for the Senate in Georgia, volunteered at #Thanksgiving food drive.
This #Thanksgiving, we commemorate @NASAInSight for touching down on Mars #OTD two years ago. Since then, the lander has measured marsquakes, tracked the weather and was the first spacecraft to detect magnetic signals on the surface of the Red Planet.
What does the #Thanksgiving holiday celebrate?
What does the #Thanksgiving holiday celebrate?
Mom sees 21 cookies instead of two dozen. She immediately knows it was you. You apologize to no one and keep eating.

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Rich Eisen
First time in 5 years that the @dallascowboys have lost consecutive games on #Thanksgiving.
You and Dad lock eyes. You both go in for the last drumstick.

He beats you off the line, but you work your magic to emerge with the goods.

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Aunt Edna asks why the house is fully decorated for Christmas already. Mom snaps, “BECAUSE IT IS, ED! JUDGE ME!! I DESERVE THIS!!!”

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That feeling when you take the last piece of pie on #Thanksgiving. 💪
You glance out the window at 4:56. There’s a sparrow perched on a nearby oak tree.

You look out the window at 5 o’clock. It’s pitch dark.

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The Hill
"I know better days are coming. I know how bright our future is. I know the 21st century is going to be an American century."

President-elect Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden share #Thanksgiving message.
Chasing after the #Thanksgiving dessert like…
Q: What do they call #Thanksgiving in Britain?
The turkey is tasty. Stuffing is stupendous. Potatoes, perfect. Never mind the beard gravy.

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Grandpa wastes no time complaining you “look like you just rolled outta bed in those sweats.”

You say they’re “COVID Casual” and keep eating.

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