Robert Reich
The richest 1% don’t report 21% of their income. The real looting in America starts at the very top.
If no one has anything else, we’ll give you 10 minutes back to your day.
The world as 100 people
The world as 100 people
The ability to stay calm and polite, even when people upset you, is a superpower.
Tryna stir the pot a little. Whose recommendations do you trust more: your friends IRL or people on Reddit?
How to improve your social skills:

1 say 'thank you' and 'please'
2 do not respond to negativity
3 remember and use people's names
4 do not nitpick
5 be gracefully honest
6 hold doors open
7 do not brag
8 talk less, but say more
9 listen without interrupting
10 show gratitude
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