I review technology from the inside.
I am absolutely honored to be her first video! Hopefully BOTW2 gets released by the time she can play.
New video in 15 minutes!
Nintendo made more changes than we thought...
I can only dream of drone skills like this:
"Big Brother"
The Apple Gods hath graced us with HDMI and SD Card slots! Their generosity knoweth no bounds. Macbooks again have basic functionality! Praise Red Delicious. Fellow peasants we must enjoy this fruitful bounty while it lasts! For what is given can also be taken away. #AppleEvent
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Grab some popcorn, or some vegetables...
This was way fun 👇
Same. Let's fix this @YouTube @YouTubeCreators
A new youtube comment scam going around. Remember if it doesn't have a verified check mark, then the account isn't me. Just mark it as spam.
Excellent video. Nice work @CorridorDigital!
Excellent video. Nice work @CorridorDigital!
"Hi! I noticed you haven't responded to my last email..."

Good, that makes two of us.
I didn't get involved with social media until I was like 24/25 years old. I'm very glad It wasn't around in my teenage years. Nice work instagram for implementing changes. It can really stick you in. Social media's reality and real reality are not the same things.
I'm curious... While driving a gas powered vehicle:
That's a good looking B14 Cryogenic.
Check this out @Apple! @Toyota is capitalizing on their genuine part sales.

Win for them, win for the customer, and win for the planet since now people don't have to throw their car in the trash when it breaks.

Just an idea....
You're not my mom.
New video in..... 5 minutes.
I like this. A little reminder that there's a real person on the other side of every tweet. (Hopefully.)
Mongolia coming in clutch with an easy one billion trees. Nice work! via @montsame_en
Mongolia coming in clutch with an easy one billion trees. Nice work! via @montsame_en
Make that 3 out of 3. I too, am your friend.
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Where products get naked.
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I review technology from the inside.
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