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On the round of local radio interviews, Liz Truss comes across as so far out of her depth, I feel I need to call the RNLI.
Coolio was the man behind one of the greatest TV intros of all time, the Kenan and Kel song.

RIP Coolio

Here’s a throwback to the time Coolio did a gig in Preston, then went back to some random student’s house and jammed Gangsta’s Paradise 😂👏

Hey @KSI, what do you reckon @tommyinnit thinks about PRIME? 🤔
Most of Liz Truss’s policy goals seem to be things The Joker threatens to do to Gotham
Well, the 20s have been a bit of a downer so far, haven’t they?
"You should pop round sometime" - Meaning: If you knock on my door unannounced I will stay very still until I hear you leave.
I’m hearing they might move the Eurovision Song Contest back to Ukraine
'I filmed my dog chasing my phone and this is what happened' 😂😂

🎥: camera_bro_ (IG)
wonder if truss will do one
“Have you seen the news?”
”Let me guess, everything’s really, really bad?”
”That’s pretty much word-for-word what they said, yeah”
BBC local radio presenters massacre Liz Truss
When you try and copy Roger Federer 😂🎾
ONCE YOU SEE THE BIRD YOU CANNOT UNSEE THE BIRD #birdgate #taskmaster #birdblindness
ONCE YOU SEE THE BIRD YOU CANNOT UNSEE THE BIRD #birdgate #taskmaster #birdblindness
🔔 | ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper Coolio has died at the age of 59

More below:
🔔 | ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper Coolio has died at the age of 59

More below:
This government might not even outlive Therese Coffey
This is fantastic from @GrahamLiver

Amazing that radio hosts who for too long have been wasted asking people like me what my latest show is about have been given the task of holding a cruel PM to account and defending our planet, but they have absolutely nailed it.
😂 Whose side are you on?
Best bits: Liz Truss massacred by BBC local radio
Best bits: Liz Truss massacred by BBC local radio

25 years ago today The Verve released the album 'Urban Hymms'.

It featured the hits Lucky Man, Sonnet, The Drugs Don't Work and the legendary Bittersweet Symphony.

One of the best albums of the 90s for sure.

She turned up from walking the dog... without the dog... and with a poo bag for a hat... 😂😂
🔔 | BREAKING: Queen's cause of death confirmed as old age

More below:
🔔 | BREAKING: Queen's cause of death confirmed as old age

More below:
Wow, that’s a brilliant opening. I mean, she’s going to ignore the question anyway and just parrot talking points, but that lays it out perfectly.
Over 40,000 powerline men are waiting in Florida to help do what they can.

Heroes 👏👏
"Liz Truss is the most extreme example, of lacking thoughtful and nuanced conversations."

@RoryStewartUK on what it's like to work with the prime minister.
We tried to make a cut of the best bits from BBC journalists ripping Liz Truss apart this morning.

We couldn't make it any shorter than 9 minutes though.
"It's a terrible humiliation."

@RoryStewartUK tells @OliDugmore Liz Truss' premiership has got off to the worst possible start, and compares it to the fall of communism.
wow wow wee wow
wow wow wee wow
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